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Probate and Wills

Seasoned Phoenix Lawyers Help Arizonans Protect Their Families

Thoughtful representation for guardianships/conservatorships, probate and wills

Baumann, Doyle, Paytas & Bernstein, P.L.L.C., in Phoenix, has spent more than three decades helping Arizona families take appropriate steps to safeguard their loved ones’ interests. We focus on helping appointed representatives to obtain guardianships and conservatorships so that they can make personal and financial decisions for minor children and for adults who are mentally incapacitated because of age, illness or injury. We also provide skilled representation in the areas of estate planning and probate. We offer every client personalized attention and are passionate about helping them achieve their goals, whether it’s preserving their family legacy through careful end-of-life planning, ensuring they’re able to make necessary decisions for an incapacitated family member or minor child, or probating a will after the death of a loved one. Drawing on more than 55 years of combined experience, our attorneys possess the knowledge and skills to resolve even the most complicated of issues.

Dedicated legal support for guardianship and conservatorship proceedings in Arizona

Guardianship allows a designated person to make personal decisions for a minor child or on behalf of an adult who is unable to make such decisions, while conservatorship enables an appointee to handle an incapacitated person’s or minor’s financial affairs. We know it can be difficult to decide on the best means for protecting an adult child with mental disabilities or any loved one who has become mentally incapacitated, such as a family member who’s suffered a brain injury or age-related mental decline. Many times, these loved ones resist attempts to relinquish their independence. We will work tirelessly to fully understand your situation and help you make sound choices about your loved one’s care, guiding you through the process of being appointed a guardian or conservator when the time is right. Depending on the circumstances, we may be able to set up less restrictive safeguards to protect your family financially and legally. We also help family members seek guardianship for minor children after the death of a parent or when other factors prevent a parent from caring for their kids.

Trusted legal counsel for Arizonans settling the affairs of a deceased loved one

Our firm assists clients with all aspects of the various types of probate in Arizona, including:

  • Informal probate — This is the most straightforward probate process, allowing a personal representative appointed by the court to administer an estate with minimal court supervision.
  • Formal probate — In situations involving a contested will or disagreement about whom the court should appoint as personal representative, the court may use formal probate to resolve issues.
  • Supervised probate — In this type of probate proceeding, the court oversees every aspect of estate administration, requiring the appointed personal representative to seek court permission before taking any action, such as distributing property or paying debts.

Not all assets and estates require probate, however. Certain assets, like those in living trusts and life insurance policies or retirement accounts, may automatically go to designated beneficiaries. And for smaller estates, you may be able to file an affidavit rather than going through the probate process. We help clients properly administer estates of all sizes according to the decedent’s wishes and state law, so they can avoid potentially costly and time-consuming disputes.

Comprehensive estate planning guidance to help Arizona families protect their assets

Making important end-of-life decisions now can ease the burden on your loved ones down the road. We help clients of all ages and financial backgrounds make informed choices about what should happen if they die or become incapacitated and then carefully prepare the necessary documents, such as:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Funeral plans
  • Living wills
  • Advance directives
  • Powers of attorney
  • Revocable living trusts

When a person dies without a will in Arizona, their assets are distributed according to state law, regardless of what they may have wanted. Protect your family by allowing us to draft the appropriate legal documents to clearly outline your wishes.

Learn more about probate and wills during a free consultation with a knowledgeable Phoenix estate planning firm

Since 1984, the Phoenix-based law firm of Baumann, Doyle, Paytas & Bernstein, P.L.L.C. has provided clients throughout Arizona with trusted estate planning advice and skilled representation in probate, guardianship and conservatorship proceedings. For a free initial consultation, please call 602-903-4665 or contact us online.

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